Majority rule

Every now and again the majority rule gets it right. I do want to emphasize the phrase “every now and again”. That’s because for the most part the majority is stupid. The vast opinion or popular vote is rarely right. Individuals are smart, groups of people (aka mobs) are dumb.  The majority vote released Barabbas and sentenced Jesus to death. It’s the job of the leader is to take all the information and discern between right and wrong, even when it’s not popular.


Why meetings are boring and how to make them interesting

downloadMeeting are normally full of structured agendas, tedious irrelevant reviews, and some long winded person going on and on following some mythical rabbit down a rabbit trail. Meetings usually touch a lot of topics rather than dive deep into anything that really matters.

Meetings are boring because they lack drama or conflict. Rather than mining for conflict, most leaders of meetings seem to be focused on avoiding tension and ending the meeting on time. While this may seem like a noble pursuit, it lies at the heart of bad meetings. Conflict is nothing more than an anxious situation that needs to be resolved.

Bad meetings usually indicate a huge gap between performance and potential.

Avoiding issues that deserve debate not only makes meetings boring,it guarantees the issues won’t be resolved. This is a recipe for frustration that breeds into unproductive personal conflict and office politics.

Bad meetings almost always leads to bad decisions which is the most common path to mediocrity.

If you want to have great meeting talk about the touchy subjects and get everything out on the table and debate the situation. Mine for conflict by asking a lot of probing questions. After that give people something to rally around.

“Can you believe they did this?”

Have you ever found yourself between two fighting co-workers who wanted you to choose a side? In fact it almost felt like they NEEDED you to choose a side. In that moment, they want you to validate they are correct. However we must put aside favorites and personal differences and seek the truth, Evaluate the facts and not opinions.

There is joy for those who deal justly with others and always do what is right. – Psalm 106:3 6967229-poppies-summer