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It was a mid-summer afternoon and my wife and I were trying to decide where to eat dinner.  After the normal back and forth of ideas we finally decided on a nearby steakhouse.  We arrived at twilight around seven pm as the sun was going down and noticed the dark clouds moving towards the restaurant.

We sat down and …..

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25 thoughts on “THE LOOK

  1. The Look has killed so many of us. I like this, because you have conveyed a very important point, through a wonderfully humourous story

  2. Enjoyed the way you laugh at yourself and you obviously have a very strong relationship!!! Of course you have hit the nail on the head with relation to ‘The Look’ I hadn’t really thought this horror through before… had internalised it as ‘my problem’ in that sense your post is very liberating – and although its a bit different to the sorts of things I usually post …its going up onto !

  3. Love this. I have a look that I give my husband and typically it ends in laughter as well.

    Thanks got following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. Reminds me of the time we explained to a patient an extremely high risk surgery, and after we asked her if she had any questions, she asked “is that needle, like, going to hurt when you, like, put it in my back…?” :)

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