The Squeeze

squeeze 3

The squeeze is any pressure or adversity that a person feels that reveals what is on the inside.  Whoever the person is and their TRUE attitude towards life is exposed.

If you take an orange and squeeze it, of course you get orange juice.

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21 thoughts on “The Squeeze

  1. I am a only see your reflection in if you are orange then I am too..or if lemon what else can I be..not sweet after all..I am a human being..only.
    I depends..when the boss gives a thrashing..I remain calm..when my sub ordinate tries to give a lecture I resist..seems its not so simple for me..Instead of being objective about the words/ actions, I also look who is doing that..maybe..I am not really what is coming out of a genetically engineered..fruit er..half lemon and half orange

  2. Stress (the squeeze) is a test of our goodness. Two other observations: When I worked with small management groups, without fail, who each person “really” was came out under pressure. We cannot hide who we are for long. Second, under stress people often lower their vision (goals) instead of managing the tension they feel. Wrong thing to do: learn how to manage the tension and do not lower the vision.

  3. Really like this one… So many ways to extend the analogy and really consider what it means. Thanks for writing this!

  4. Depends who is doing the squeezing I guess. I try to be kind to everyone and give the benefit of the doubt, but on occasion, when the squeezing gets to be a bit much, I lean towards sarcasm and wit. Wonder what fruit compares with that?

  5. I agree with you, but while we can say that they know not what to do, I also think that this may not be the only solution. It is practical, as long as it is not said in a defeatist/fatalistic manner. Then, you are squeezed, but are dry.

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